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PAWS - Friends for Animals

PAWS stands for People For Animal Welfare Service.It was formed by a group of  animal lovers working in a software company in  Pune on 11th Feburary 2004

PAWS spearheads a movement for respecting all life on this earth and is a small part of India's growing environment awareness.

Our Staff

We are a group of  working professionals who have got together for a cause close to our hearts and are actively progressing towards achieving our aims.

Our Team


Lets join hands for a better tomorrow

Aims of PAWS

  • To campaign for the ethical treatment of animals
  •  To promote vegetarianism
  •  To promote the use of non-leather products
  •  To help various Animal Shelters and Hospitals
  •  To help find new homes for abandoned pets
  •  To network with animal organizations
  •  Help all injured stray animals
  •  Convince people to adopt stray / mixed breed / mongrel dogs for they are
     better adapted to local conditions



The purpose of PAWS is to act as a strong network of compassionate, committed and courageous people who will protect animals against cruelty and work to bring about a change in attitudes, laws and lifestyles towards improving conditions for animals around Pune.

Our Location

Pune - India