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Not everyone wants to get involved in the same way.Here we present different options for you to get involved in our cause.

Volunteer Your Time

PAWS frequently visits various local NGO's in Pune.You too can become a part of the visits.Moreover there are opportunities for you to offer basic services at animal shelter homes like taking a dog for a walk,bathing an animal or as simple as playing with the animals.

Participate in an Upcoming Event

We have activities like adoption checks, stalls , campaigns, visits to schools and colleges to spread awareness, newspaper/old clothes collection drives being conducted  in which you can participate.Moreover there are frequent trips organized to various wildlife sancturies and nature parks in association with various gorups.

Make a Contribution

Newspaper/Old Clothes/Old utensils collection drive is conducted by PAWS in the last week of every month.

Make a Donation

You can directly give a donation to any of the local NGO's  in Pune working on similar cause.