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Welcome to the PAWS World !

Mission Statement

To educate people about and to prevent to whatever extent possible - cruelty against animals in form of terror, torture, death.

We believe in treating animals with dignity and respect. PAWS stands for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Our focus is on spreading awareness and educating people about cruelty against animals. Our goal is to prevent to whatever extent possible, cruelty against animals in all forms such as torture, terror or death.

We try to achieve our goal by working closely with like-minded local NGOs by providing them necessary financial assistance and voluntarily service. 

We think realistically about how we are going to fit activism into our life. We may have a full-time job and may have to juggle time with family and friends.
We do not believe in overextending ourselves in a blaze of glory, only to burn out in six months.

Let us think carefully about how we are going to schedule activism into our daily routine so that it will become a part of our life and not an intrusion.

Lets join hands for a beautiful tommorow !


We can not stop all suffering but that does not mean we should not stop any..

We all live in a country where 'Ahimsa' is emphasized. Yet millions of animals are battered, blinded, force-fed steroids, dissected, mutilated and eventually, killed every year, often for no reason at all. Many more are condemned to a lifetime of backbreaking slavery and then, in their old age, sent off to slaughter houses or thrown out on the streets. The mute creatures cannot speak for themselves, their tongues do not speak our language, but their eyes speak volumes and to a sensitive observer the message is conveyed.

We believe that animals have the same right to live as human beings. We as PAWS believe in the ethical treatment of animals.



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